Vooks is  simply books delivered through a streaming app that helps kids learn from stories , develop language skills, social emotional learning and so much more. Kids are fully engaged and love reading on Vooks. I love Vooks and use it at home with my children and at school. They are giving you a free year. See this link:  Vooks for Free  the code is SUPERYEAR
So far this first week, your children have done so many things! They separated from loved ones, met new adults and children, and learned about a new space with new rules and routines. Some of our school routine sequences that they are learning are: our school day sequence, our hand washing sequence, our circle time sequence, and some social interaction sequences. Some of the social interaction sequences they are learning are what to do when they are struggling with a peer around sharing and how to check in with a friend. We are also learning our school rules: Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Respectful. To be safe we: wear masks, wash hands, walk in the classroom and keep our hands to ourselves. To be responsible we wear masks, wash hands and clean up. To be respectful we use our words and raise our hands.  Everyone is doing a great job settling into their new routines and meeting new friends! 
Adorable song about how to wear a mask  <--This link gives great directions for young children on how to wear a mask the right way
Ms. Taylor moved to Vermont 5 years ago from Chicago, IL. She lives with her family in Burlington. She has a Kindergartner named Emery, and a toddler named Morgan. Ms. Taylor loves biking, cooking, and reading books.